M-113 Series Vehicles
PUB Number Pub Date REV/Changes Pub Description Format B & W Color Cards Notes
TM 9-2300-257-20 03-Feb-69 C 1-7, 00-Unk-00 Organizational Maintenance Manual for M113A1, M577A1, M106A1, M125A1, M132A1, M741 Paper        
TM 9-2350-261-20-2 00-Unk-90 C 1-2 Technical Manual Unit Maintenance, M113A2, M577A2, M106A2, M125A2, M7414A1, M1059, M901A1 Paper        
TM 9-2350-275-BD 09-Feb-84   Battle Damage Assessment and Repair for M113 Family: Carrier, Personnel Self-Propelled, Full-Tracked Paper        
TM 9-2350-276-BD 10-Feb-84 C 1, 28-Feb-92 Battlefield Damage Assessment and Repair for Combat Vehicles Paper        
TM 9-2350-277-20-3 25-Jul-94   Tech Manual Unit Maintenance: M113A3, M577A3, M901A3, M981A3, M1059A3, M1064A3, M1068A3 Paper        
TM 9-2520-236-35P 12-Oct-61   Field and Depot Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools List for Transmission, Automatic Assembly (2520-679-8032), (Allison Model TX-200-2), (M-113 Track Vehicle) Paper        
TM 9-2520-254-34 13-Oct-71   Direct and General Support Maintenance Manual; Transmission, Automatic, (2520-066-4240), (allison Div, GMC Model TX 100-1), Tracked M-113A1 and M577A1, Plus Others) Paper